June 2018 Favorite Tools

In addition to our summer ice cream social, some Mavericks members brought their favorite tools and tips to discuss.

Pam S. talked about her different sized rotary cutters…

Karen demonstrated how Plasti-Dip, a spray for acrylic tools, can help grip fabric.






Laura showed how a straw from McDonald’s can help extend a peg-board peg to hold additional spools of thread. She also brought small fabric hair ties that can go around bobbins to help keep the threads from unwinding.





Laurie F. doesn’t go anywhere without her cellular iPad Pro, and is on her third protective cover that also has a bluetooth keyboard.






Other favorite tools include Bonnie’s love for bound graph paper; Skye’s Slidelock to grip and cut fabric; new member Nora’s use of ShapeCut Pro for cutting fabric; and Cindy’s micro-bottle tips to get specific and fine lines when needed whether for water, glue, bleach, etc.

Show & Tell coming next!